Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Catatan....Fridge Magnet

Hari ini satu hari suntuk takkan ada kat tempat sebab kene bertapa dalam meeting.... nak online pun kene curik-curik kalau nak online...huhuhuhuhu....anyhow,.... ini ada dapat email dari member pagi nieh...errr takutnyer.....

Sumber ini tidak dapat dipastikan kesahihannya...... just nak share ngan seme orang....Posh..hang peminat fridge magnet nieh ku tak tau la sejauh mana kebenarannya.....

A number of researchers at Princeton's University have discovered
something scary!.

For several months, they were feeding two groups of mice: the first
group with food kept in a refrigerator, and the second group with food kept
in a refrigerator as well but with several decorative magnets on the door.

The objective of this experiment was to see how electromagnetic
radiation (that coming out from the decorative magnets on the door)
affect food items. Amazingly, rigorous clinical studies stated that
the group of mice that consumed the "radiated" food had as much as 87
% higher probability to get cancer than the other group of mice.

Inexplicably no Governments or health associations/institutions have
given any statement on this regard. However and just in case, is
recommendable to remove any decorative magnet from refrigerators,
and put it far away from any food.

Kindly pass this information to your contacts.


  1. Salam

    Nampaknya kena la alihkan. owh sedih ...anyway... thanks for the info.

  2. Thanks for the info kak mah....
    bahaya nih...

  3. kalo jenis peti es yg kosong simpan air je kak mah pon kena gak ke?

  4. wallahu'alam..info ni tidak dapat dipastikan kesahihannya.... ehehe peti es den pun melambak fridge magnet.....

  5. alamak..kena buat laaa kangarooo lawa tue...

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